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23 Nov

Kassiopea bag



Good morning girls!! Today I have a very interesting news for you…it will makes this Christmas gifts even more special than usual.  Today the look is completely dedicated to Kassiopea. It makes very particular bags, I choose this one, the OBBEDIENZA bag.

Kassiopea was started by chance and for fun
There was a girl that was doing something completely different
– working for a large consulting firm very far far away from home –

and she was bored and felt very ugly about it.

She felt the need for something special, Something with a bit of an adventurous personality like hers.

So the girl decided to make her own bag: she picked up nice silks and leather and combined them to create the perfect trolley. But then she realised she wanted more: a tote, and then a nice pochette, and then a nice hobo…

These few pieces for personal use became a mini collection that stumbled upon some agents. A short time after it was presented to a handful of retailers in Italy and was very much appreciated.

Seen the success of the concept, the girl happily abandoned her job and focused on creating her own brand


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