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2 Apr

The Dolomites in the eye

Federica Ferraro

“You can use the reality as inspiration or just watching the horizon”

There we arrived, at the most breathtaking location you can imagine: the Dolomites. I was instantly mesmerized by the royal mountains  that involved streams, paths, and white lawns.   I was overwhelmed by several emotions, and mostly I felt honored to find myself in this moment surrounded by people that made this experience even more special. Every once in a while I pinched myself, just to check if this opportunity we had was really happening.  And I truly felt like one while discovering the great mountains of Val Fiscalina. We were accompanied by the magical sky that changed almost every few minutes, from bright blue to deep grey colors. 

I wore something that fitted the ambiance of the location perfectly: my new Hawkers sunglasses!

Hawkers Ambassador

Hawkers Co., low cost sun glasses from the typical form that made famous Ray-Ban and by the many colors that make them perfect for any occasion. Characterized by a Wayfarer modern design and classic shape, you can choose the model that suits you in the vast array of new products (roughly about forty variations of shapes and colors) with prices starting from 20 € up to a maximum of 40.


When you buy online it is always important to find out about the characteristics of the product if you can not try before. The size of the Hawkers glasses are:

-front glasses: 14.22 cm ( 5.6 in. )

-glasses height:4.76 cm ( 1.875 in. )

-length rods: 13.33cm ( 5.25 in. )

The Hawkers lenses have an optical quality that provides UV400 protection, safeguarding eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

From my experience, I have found a lot of positives, starting from the expedition that was faster than I thought (about ten days). The eyewear quality is good and the two models I’ve received  are perfect for a day at the beach, at the mountain or for a walk in town. Light and practical, it will be delivered within a customized packaging, accompanied by a bag Protect glasses, which also makes them an excellent gift idea for lovers of special accessories.

If you would like to buy Hawkers Sunglasses use the code of the 20 % : HCI20FEF


Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.


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