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2 Nov

Culottes,the Autumn pants and my day to Lerici

Federica Ferraro

THE BAY OF THE POETS. Today I bring you  with me by the sea, a sea of rhymes and poetry, a sea dear to Byron and to Shelley who lived in these areas, to Lawrence who stayed there. So this part of Liguria was called the Bay of Poets.It is November and the shimmering wave lapping the shore stroking the fine sand. The beach is deserted and I find the sea more fascinating, with the dance of the waves and their eternal return. A beach that you would say perhaps other places, in our region ripping strips of land to the Mediterranean. This is Lerici, in the embrace of the green that surrounds it. The sea  shines of poetry and promises, sighs and thoughts. And  along the promenade you will reach Lerici, dominated by its castle that has a long history, built by Pisani in the thirteenth century and still dominates the houses and the harbor of this beautiful country.It is Autumn but suddenly I believed to be in Summer. A lot of people, the rides, the lovers sitting on the wall, the tourists sitting at the tables of the bars, cups of ice cream with fresh fruit, short sleeves and the sun on face. It ‘s Liguria, that gives you summer days when the sailing season has just ended.

Culottes, the Autumn pants

Now to my look of today !! That the culottes and flared pants are the pants of this season no one doubts anymore 😀. That with heels with this pants you look better is common knowledge.But, I wore undeterred culottes with ankle boots. A look that I like because it’s one of those outfits that I put  when I want to be comfortable, but I still want to feel pretty. So I combined my two gray culottes (that you can wear in any occasion) to a simple white shirt, leather jacket and my ever-present Emporio Armani bag(And a pair of sunglasses blacks: D).

How about this look? I send you a big kiss beauty 🙂

I wore:

culottes: Stradivarius

shirt: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Armani

Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.

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