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26 Aug

A natural paradise in the Dolomites

Federica Ferraro

One step from the sky, between the  tall pines and the majestic mountains  it is located the lake of Braies, a water frontage with crystal colors, that rivals the Maldives. It is surrounded by green spaces dotted with colorful flowers and paths through the woods where you can make a wonderful walk around the lake. After the walk you can take a ride on the nostalgic paddle boats that until  hundred years ago were the only ways to reach the opposite bank. Today, the brave jumps into the icy water and clear and then they let  warm yourself  from the sun. Still others are relaxing fishing.

The legend tells about savages who went to the  mountain Pragsertal in search of gold and stones. Shepherds greedy and envious  of the valley tried to steal their treasures, but they failed because, to protect the treasure, they opened the fountains underground and they threw the treasure into the lake of Braies.

Directly to the lake stands the historic church dedicated to Our Lady, where the couple Austrian heir to the throne prayed shortly before being assassinated in Sarajevo and where at the beginning of May 1945 the Hitler’s prisoners were freed  , the Führer hidden them just in Braies.

Famous as the church on his side, is the lake itself. Many visitors and fans of the television series “One step from heaven” spend their holidays in hotels and apartments near the lake, to identify better in the movie, because this “pearl of the Alpine lakes” is one of the stars of the production television filmed in South Tyrol. Walking around the lake, they will appreciate the pleasant effect of “already seen” and they will perceive angles that seem known here and there. No wonder then, that people from all over Italy will give appointment for years to Braies lake to admire this extraordinary “stage” of the film.


Federica Ferraro





Federica Ferraro

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