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10 Sep

Your Tea

Hey girls!! How can you start your day? Simply, with a good and healthy breakfast.                                                                                    Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is the most important because after 11 hours of fasting our body needs energies and there is no better way than with a cup of hot tea, with sweet cookies and maybe even with a nice croissant with jam.

With “Tiny tea teatox“, a mixture of herbs (Oolong Tea, Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi) that help to clean your digestive system as you take it, freeing it from all toxins and  dross excess ; this tea thereby improving digestive function also promotes weight loss if taken in combination with a good diet and physical activity.

It must be said that I was very excited to try this product, I had heard about it  good reports, so I had great expectation  ..  I must say that it is absolutely so! I noticed immediately the great improvements, in fact right from the first cup of Tiny Tea you feel a sense of wellness ….

This tea, focusing on improving the digestive function of our body, has a number of positive effects of great importance that you can notice during treatment, such as:

  • reduction of swelling, especially abdominal
  • decreased appetite and sugar cravings
  • reducing problems associated with food intolerances
  • weight loss and slimming
  • metabolic stimulation
  • purification and detoxification
  • drainage of excess fluid
  • mitigation indisposition linked to the menstrual cycle, with possible increase in the flow
  • Improved blood circulation
  • reduction of skin problems (acne, pimples, blacks, rashes, eczema, psoriasis …)
  • increase of energy

A LITTLE SECRET: once used the bag you can open and use the herbs contained in it to make a scrub or mask to the face.

The fragrance, once you open the box, it’s pretty strong, feels just the smell of various herbs that are inside of bags, almost spicy, but at the same time has a sweet background. I usually add a teaspoon of honey and there I match 5 wholemeal biscuits…

I can say that after the third day of taking it I began getting an increasing amount of energy and attention throughout the day really remarkable to me in a time of stress for tests …….and the skin too is glowing !!!

I’m really happy about it! Advice to all you girls to try these products!

I leave the address  make a surf even just for a curiosity:




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