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19 Jun

Physicians Formula

Good morning girls!! Today I want to talk with you about my project that I ‘ll do from 3-4 July and 17-18 July.

I’ll be at Upim of Genova in Via XX Settembre, and I’ll promote a new Californian brand , which is most famous and it is the favorite of a lot celebrity as: Jennifer Lopez, Angelia Jolie, Megan Fox.

The brand is called Physicians Formula. A natural product, makes with minerals and nothing of artificial or chemical products, right for all skin, and it is THE FIRST  HYPOALLERGENICS PRODUCTS , without perfume, dermatologically certificates and with SPF protection. It is the perfect combination between healthy and beauty.

Physicians Formula has been created by a doctor, Dr. Crandall, one of the best allergists in Los Angeles, driven by love for his wife, who has a particular sensible skin.

Physicians Formula mission is  to offer glamour products with technology matter and healthy for skin. We are convinced that Glamour and Healthy never must be separate:

  • Make-up became a wonderful experience
  • smell: aroma therapy
  • view : unique and female texture
  • touch: 3D effects

What makes it unique?

Satisfy  with glamour rational and irrational necessity.

Necessity irrational

  1. funny
  2. glamour
  3. fashion
  4. seduction

Necessity rational

  1. no chemical agents
  2. hypoallergenics
  3. best for sensible skin
  4. excellent results

Not also make- up but concrete  solutions to specify necessity about sensible skin.

Skin off   line corrective of color, line bronze booster

Problems about dark circles  corrector bi-color. Enlightening + corrective color

shot cilia and pickles Eye liner Lash Boosting

Sensible eye  line Mascara Organic

The range

97 testimonial

Focus high performance products

The affordable luxury: hight quality to unique price ( 10.90€-19.90€)


Try this new and young brand and you’ll not regret, because also to be glamour It is healthy for skin and eyes!!

You can find this at Upim or Oviesse.

And if you come from Genova or neighborhood, I’ll wait you to 3-4 july and 17-18 july!!!! Will you visit me? 🙂

Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.


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