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8 Apr

Eyeliner in flowers: the most glam make-up of the spring summer!

Eyeliner in flowers: an alternative eyeliner and the romantic mood, perfect for the spring season

Among the many makeup trends for spring summer 2016, there is one that will surely capture the interest of the most romantic, the country style lovers. Make-up launched by the Norwegian blogger, Marit Isachsen, the eyeliner in flowers – this is the beauty trends destined to depopulate in the current season prefers the delicate etiquette of a boho-chic makeup.

But how do you create the eyeliner in flowers? Just obtain one or more colored pencils – preferably from the mat texture, avoiding those shiny and glitter – and draw flowers by colors you prefer, by focusing on the tail eye,  in fact as  you did with  any type of eyeliner. To make sure that the color adheres better to the skin and last longer, apply a light concealer dose – preferably on shades of peach – before your “creation”.

At this point: monochrome or riot of  multicolor flowers for a true power flower that will amaze everyone! If, for every day make-up, this make-up trend seems a bit ‘too much, then book it on a beautiful summer evening, maybe for a concert or a party in the open air, combining it with a boho-chic outfit and a hairstyle country-flavor, like braids and collected in messy style.


Federica Ferraro

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