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1 Jun

Decorations fashion for summer 2015

Now let’s talk about ‘Nail Art! To be super fashion from “head to toe” we discover the latest news:

Summer is the perfect season to better express their ideas for  art to give a touch of color to the sea days and maybe even matching it to your bikinis .

As for the clothes out of the fruit and conquer our hands: to be implemented on a single nail or all in order to create a real painting, while strawberries, watermelons, cherries are super choices for the arrival of summer.

If you want something less conspicuous, you can decide for the moon manicure, opting for a reverse french or to a bare half moon effect. Two techniques to customize according to your tastes and look chosen, so perfect also made showy and sharp contrasts Another decoration are the bows from different shades, shapes and sizes made in one place or in several nail. A trend of the moment is the horizontal line by different colors drawn half of the nail, a decoration that will make your nail art perfect for summer days on the beach.

Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.

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