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7 Jun

Champions League

Federica Ferraro

Good morning Ladies <3

Did you see yesterday the  Champions League? Where did you go to see it?


So, I’ve seen it too, oven if generally I don’t watch football team, but this match was: UNMISSABLE!!!

Juventus team was arrived reached the final with the stronger and dreaded Spanish team,Who would have never thought! I was been at friend’s home, obviously, because this things must be seen in the company. Iven if, we wasn’t in Berlin, also at home we felt anxiety and the hope to win! We was with this guys!!!

It has been a great match, there was action, attack, defense ….Unfortunately Juventus failed to beat the strongest Barcellona, but I do, at the same, my congratulation to this wonderful guys, who give us an incredible emotions!!

Now I talk about my look , that I decided to use :  Blue T-shirt with three-quarter sleeves , Jeans shorts, which I combined beige wedges linked ankle.

And which accessorize? The blue Armani Jeans bag, and my new bracelet and earrings , which give me the mother of my boyfriend by sicily!


Do you like this look?


JERSEY: mdc-WS good quality company

SHORTS: Brandy & Melville

Shoes: Castaner

Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.

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