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2 Oct


Summer is over and now that I’m back to the rhythms of the university and the many engages that mark my day  I want to give me a skin intensely hydrated!

The skin is constantly changing and adapting to the environment, to the temperature … not to mention the pollution and stress that sometimes does not leave me a chance …

I have never been using regularly one product, so I started to search a perfect product that could give freshness, brightness, softness and  good hydration.

Aquasource of Biotherm have a refreshing and melting texture, it is pleasant to apply on face, perfect for normal skin, It is also available for dry skin has been my final choice of cream. Thanks to the new formula of Aquasource the skin stays hydrated all day in an optimal manner  in different environments and conditions, giving to my face a smooth touch and a ‘bright appearance. When I apply it on the skin I get back   a refreshing sense and at the same time it dries quickly and leaves a clean skin.

I hope that my article can be helpful to you to find your cream. I know how hard it is, because the stores offer such a wide choice of products, but I believe it’s important to share our experiences.

But always remember that, it’s not only  the creams you’ll use, but your lifestyle that will make a difference on your general appearance. So make sure to sleep tight, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Oh and above all…… to smile! Nothing’s prettier than a smile, the best ally of your beauty product !!

Kiss Kiss,


Federica Ferraro

" A pair of high heels, a dress for every moment, a lipstick handy, sunglasses and my Michael Kors bag!"- Here I am, a passionate girl about style and beauty.

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